Amsterdam fairy tale city

This blog post is written by Maria from Peru. She couch surfed a few days in Amsterdam during the summer of 2017. 

Most fun and charming – Amsterdam Fairy tale city

Our visit to Amsterdam was the most fun and charming. We arrived on a Friday night and got lost on the way to the city. Fortunately, a group of policemen did not hesitate to help us, between laughs and jokes, the language did not stop them from making us feel at home.


Grimburgwal, Amsterdam

Rooftops and multiple windows – Amsterdam Fairy tale city

Amsterdam is a fairy tale city, with magnificent roof-top constructions and multiple windows, all together in front of the canals make this city a delight for the eyes.

Canal in Amsterdam

Canal in Amsterdam

Photograph every corner – Amsterdam Fairy tale city

That weekend we walked to most places, it was inevitable not to photograph every corner and not to linger on each bridge to see the view they have.

Choose your style of art – Amsterdam Fairy tale city

We passed the Vondelpark, immense green spaces making it impossible not to take a break in front of the beautiful lakes. Meters ahead is the museum area, an open space where you can choose what style of art you want to see, and recommend not to miss any.

Bikes bikes bikes – Amsterdam Fairy tale city

But my experience would not be complete without talking about the bikes, protagonists in each of my photographs and emblem of the city, there are thousands of colours and sizes, impossible not to ride on any of them and enjoy everything that Amsterdam offers.

Cycle path in Amsterdam

Cycle path in Amsterdam

Boat the canals – Amsterdam Fairy tale city

Boating on the canals is an experience I could not have and for which I would definitely return. Being able to enjoy an aperitif with friends and with the incredible views of this great city, would be the perfect end.

Bikes and Canals in Amsterdam

Bikes and Canals in Amsterdam

Magic – Amsterdam Fairy tale city

Amsterdam is an infallible destination on the list, in the short time we were there, we fell madly in love with the magic of every corner of the city and the friendliness of its inhabitants, always with a smile making us feel at home every moment. A place that deserves a second visit and that will continue to surprise you with new spaces to discover.

Rokin in Amsterdam

Rokin in Amsterdam


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