This is our sustainability initiative in a nutshell

Sustainability at has four components. It’s about protecting the environment. It’s about caring about cultures. It’s about social responsibility. And it’s about economic sustainability. All four together– social, cultural, environmental, and economic– are working together and form the sustainability initiative.

Protect the environment

We keep the planet in mind when making decisions. We’re taking the train (100% wind energy), bike (100% muscle powered) and we walk (100% muscle powered). Other examples are banking at the world’s most sustainable bank and our web hosting company has a sustainability initiative as well. But there is more to it. Our bikes are recycled as well as our boat.

Care about cultures

We want to get in touch with different cultures and we try to understand them. Our objective is that our travellers and guides respect the local culture.

Social responsibility

We pay a fair share to our local guides, try to engage them and make them even happier at work.

Economic sustainability

Providing Experiences in a sustainable way will help travellers, local guides and all stakeholders, including us, in the long run. This gives us the opportunity to stay in business.