Top 10 most Beautiful Bridges Amsterdam

Beautiful bridge amsterdam – How to get the most beautiful pictures during a short time in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most postcard worthy places on planet earth. Are you visiting with friends or do you have a short layover in Amsterdam? Would you like to go home with the most beautiful pictures of the most beautiful places? Check out our list of most picturesque bridges. What is your most beautiful bridge Amsterdam?

Amsterdam the Venice of the North

Amsterdam is called Venice of the North because both cities are world famous for their canals and their number of bridges. Do you know that Venice has only 400 bridges and Amsterdam more than 1200? Plenty of choices to take beautiful pictures in the capital of the Netherlands. Here is a list of the most beautiful bridges in Amsterdam. And let’s start with the most famous one, the Skinny Bridge.

Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge) most beautiful Bridge Amsterdam

Exact location: crossing Amstel with Kerkstraat

Beautiful bridge Amsterdam

Skinny bridge by night

It’s one of the most beautiful draw-bridges of Amsterdam, it goes over the huge and famous Amstel River. At night lights on the bridge illuminate and give it a romantic feeling. Many lovers and photographers walk on that bridge at night, watching the boats navigating through the small openings of the bridge.

Leliegracht most beautiful Bridge Amsterdam

Exact location: crossing Prinsengracht with Leliegracht

Beautiful bridge Amsterdam

Leliesluis bridge right after sunset

When you’re at this bridge, you’ll have the Wester Church Tower of Amsterdam right behind you. The admired 85m/275ft high Protestant Wester Church Tower was build between 1619 and 1638. This is the highest and most famous church of Amsterdam. This church is also famous because of Anne Frank, she wrote numerous times about especially the bells in her diary. The tower could be seen from the place where she was hiding during the Second World War. The sound of the carillon was for her the sound of freedom and comfort.

Papiermolensluis bridge most beautiful Bridge Amsterdam

Exact location: crossing Korte Prinsengracht with Brouwersgracht

Beautiful bridge Amsterdam

Papiermolensluis bridge

When standing at this magical bridge you are right next to the beginning of the Prinsengracht and on the Brouwersgracht. Here you will discover one of the most well known and typical corners of the capital. Many drawings and paintings were made of this place, many to be found in Coffee house Papeneiland between Prinsengracht nr2 and the Brouwersgracht.

Staalmeesterbrug, the Bridge of Love, most beautiful Bridge Amsterdam

Exact location: crossing Groenburgwal with Staalstraat

Beautiful bridge Amsterdam

Staalmeesterbrug over the Groenburgwal

Also known as the ‘Bridge of Love’, this romantic bridge is famous for the wonderful view of the South Church that you may enjoy here when taking break during your journey. Watch out for bikes that cross the bridge, they don’t want to be late at work. A while ago you could also see many padlocks on the chains of the single draw-bridge but nowadays, the city is removing them every other day.

Sint Antoniesluis bridge, most beautiful Bridge Amsterdam

Exact location: crossing Sint Antoniesluis with Jodenbreestraat

Beautiful bridge Amsterdam

Sint Antoniesluis bridge

You can take such an impressive picture on this bridge, in front of historical Café de Sluyswacht. It has been one of the most beautiful places on the Jodenbreestraat for years. The black house is tilting a lot which will make your picture even better! Don’t forget to have a look at Rembrandt House, just at the opposite side of the street, built in 1606.

Prinseneiland Bridge, most beautiful Bridge Amsterdam

Exact location: Realengracht crossing with Zandhoek

Beautiful bridge Amsterdam

View from the bridge at Prinseneiland


This place is one of the quiet and hidden gems of Amsterdam. A secret area with beautiful canals and a small harbor located behind Central Station. During the summer, people are swimming here and jumping in the water from the beautiful draw-bridges.

Reguliersgracht, the seven arched-bridges most beautiful Bridge Amsterdam

Exact location: crossing Prinsengracht with Reguliersgracht

Beautiful bridge Amsterdam

Reguliersgracht with its 7 arched bridges

From this bridge, you can see the seven lighted arched-bridges that cross this quiet and small canal. It looks like the place was made for taking perfect pictures at any time of the day.

Spiegelgracht, most beautiful Bridge Amsterdam

Exact location: crossing Prinsengracht with Spiegelgracht

Beautiful bridge Amsterdam

Spiegelgracht, amazing lights during Christmas time

The tiny Spiegelgracht is one of our favorites because of the beautiful view on the famous Rijksmuseum. At night, you can see the reflection of the light. You are going to love it! The shops on both sides of the streets are part of the unofficial antique district of Amsterdam.

Bushuissluis bridge, most beautiful Bridge Amsterdam

Exact location: crossing Kloveniersburgwal with Bushuissluis

Beautiful bridge Amsterdam

Bushuissluis bridge with a view on New Market

From this bridge, you’ll have an interesting view on the Waag. This monument on the Nieuwmarkt looks like a castle but in fact it was the main entrance to the city center when the old city wall was still there.

Armbrug, Red Light District, most beautiful Bridge Amsterdam

Exact location: crossing Oudezijds Voorburgwal with Armbrug

Beautiful bridge Amsterdam

View from the Armbrug, Red light District

The ‘wallen’ (the Dutch name for the Red Light District) is the oldest part of Amsterdam. From the Armbrug you can have a picture-perfect view over the old houses which are build just next to the water!

Map of the most beautiful bridges in Amsterdam


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Beautiful bridge Amsterdam

Skinny bridge is best seen from the water, here at Amstel River

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