6 hour layover in Amsterdam

Do you have a 6 hour layover in Amsterdam? Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is major air hub number three in Europe. Around 25 million travellers are expected to have a transfer at the airport in 2018. Schiphol itself is a convenient airport to spend your time. When having the choice between spending 6 hours at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or a couple of hours in the historic centre of Amsterdam, it’s an easy choice.

Prinsengracht crossing Reguliersgracht – Canal Amsterdam

YES I AM GOING. What about the time schedule?

If you do make this choice. How much time will you have in Amsterdam during a 6 hour layover?
Assuming you will be arriving on an intercontinental flight and your bags will be brought to your next plane, count on roughly:
20-45 minutes for landing, getting through immigration and walking to the train station at the airport. The actual time depends mainly on the time at passport control.
10-15 minutes for buying a train ticket and finding the right train platform
15 minutes for the train from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station. Two ways = total 30 minutes
60-120 minutes be back at the airport for going through immigration, security check and being on time for boarding your flight.

Catching the train, see the city

Catch the train, it is an absolute breeze from the airport to the historic centre, it will take you 15 minutes. Wander around for a few hours, grab a bite and have a beer. Possibly visit the red light district, Dam Square and maybe even a museum. Smoking a joint during your layover in Amsterdam is not recommended.

Bikes in front of a coffeeshop

A coffeeshop in Amsterdam

Optimise your layover in Amsterdam with cycling, boating and walking over the unesco listed canals

Really optimising the time you have is done by booking a LocalLayover.com tour. Based on a group of 5 students with layovers of 6 hours this experience will cost you between 50 and 60 Euros. On arrival a guide will give you your train tickets and together you’ll head Amsterdam Central. No stress about catching the right train. During the 15 minutes in the train your guide will talk about life in Amsterdam. At Central Station you’ll get onto a bike, a local boat, or you’ll head for less obvious beautiful streets. Cycle, boat and walk over the beautiful historic UNESCO listed canals. Cycle and steer the boat yourself and experience real life in Amsterdam. Have some delicious local Dutch snacks like a stroopwafel or bitterballen. This way you will turn your 6 hour layover in Amsterdam into a real experience on which you optimise your few hours in Amsterdam. The beauty of the city makes you want having a long transfer on Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Book your trip within your trip here.

Example Time schedule of a transfer on Amsterdam Schiphol Airport with a locallayover.com tour

Let’s assume you are flying from the United States to Italy and having a transfer on Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Let’s say your arrival time in Amsterdam is 12.00 AM and your departure time is 6:00 PM. We will use average times and we assume your checked-in luggage will stay at the airport.

12:00: Landing
12:15: Passport control
12:30: Walking to train station
12:35: Taking the train
12:50: Arriving at central Station
13:00: Bike over the canals, see main squares and sights
14:00: Boat the canals (optional)
15:00: Walk and see for example Jordan district, local brewery, a market or the Anne Frank house
16:00: Cycle to Central station
16:30: Take train to Airport
16:45: Walk to right terminal
16:50: Security check
17:30: Boarding the plane
18:00: Flying to Italy

In this schedule 40 minutes is taken from security check to boarding time to be realistic with the timing. The security check does not take 40 minutes, this time is also for unexpected inconveniences. The actual time spent in the centre of Amsterdam during your 6 hour layover is 3 hours and 40 minutes according to this schedule.

Brewery 't IJ with Windmill de Gooyer next to it

Brewery ‘t IJ with Windmill de Gooyer next to it

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