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Pride Amsterdam 2017

This blog post is written by Raisa from Peru. She couch surfed a few days in Amsterdam during the Pride Amsterdam 2017. 

Something I will never forget – Pride amsterdam

I’ll start by telling you that I had the opportunity to be in Amsterdam during gay pride and it was something I will never forget. It was amazing to see how Amsterdam dressed in colours to show the world that they support love and freedom. In every building, shop, restaurant and square you could see the feel of this city, where they do not care about your nationality, race or sexual choice because they simply celebrate, respect and enjoy life. It was almost magical to walk down the street and see the multicoloured flags fluttering, the different decorations and people in colourful costumes, with lovely makeups, all happy enjoying the party that was lived, because that was it, the party to celebrate that we can choose how to live.

GayVB - Gay Pride Amsterdam

GayVB – Tram in Amsterdam during the Gay Pride

Street parties – Pride Amsterdam

Each night was more fun than the previous one with the parties that were offered all over the city, with the beats that came to sound even in the distance attracting people and driving the dancers crazy.

Gay Pride Amsterdam 2017

Prinsengracht during Gay Pride Amsterdam

Canal Parade – Pride Amsterdam

I loved seeing how everyone gathered to go to the Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade, you could see the crowded streets of people singing, dancing and sharing, like a big family, where adults, children, locals and foreigners had a great time. Meanwhile, on the canal, each boat was paraded, each one offering a different show, with the music blaring and the joy even higher. On the streets by the canal there was a party on every corner.

Gay Pride Amsterdam 2017

Wester Church during Gay Pride Amsterdam 2017

Local feeling – Pride Amsterdam

I can say that from now I look forward to returning to Amsterdam because it was very laid back. It was very easy to feel that I was from there, that I could live there. I would return for the joy I felt from the first moment I stepped in the city, for food, for parties, but above all for people who were like from another planet with such kindness and joy that was contagious.

Gay Pride Amsterdam 2017

Gay Pride Amsterdam 2017

Raisa stayed a few days in Amsterdam during the Gay Pride. Do you want to experience Amsterdam during your Layover and get the same local feeling? Book a tour!

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  1. Daniil says:

    Yesss I will never forget this day in Amsterdam. The Gay Pride was truely amazing. In my home country we do not like gays, the way you guys handle is, is super good. Hope one day it will be accepted everywhere on the planet.

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