Cycling Amsterdam, a must!

The Netherlands is famous for the amount of cyclists. We literally cycle everywhere! There are 19 million bikes while the population is almost 17 million.

If you are wanting to experience real Amsterdam life, cycle through the city. At you will get a normal bike, so people will know you are a local. Don’t worry about not being able to cycle like the Dutch: there are special cycle paths everywhere which means it is fairly safe to cycle through Amsterdam. We will cycle over the prettiest canals and pass the main squares on our bike ride.

Cycling in Amsterdam is truly amazing (when sunny). Something you have to experience in your life.

Bikers waiting for an open bridge in Amsterdam west

One of the most common excuses in the Netherlands to being late is ‘the bridge was open’. And it’s true, in summer time the bridges do open many times for passing boats on the canals and waterways.

Bikers waiting for an open bridge - Bikes Amsterdam


Bikes parked on a bike boat

There are so many bikes in Amsterdam that parking spaces are hard to find. Therefore the municipality has created these boats for bikes close to the main squares.

Bikes parked on a bike boat - Bikes Amsterdam


Tourists on yellow, red or green bikes

Many bike rental companies have chosen a colour for their bikes. This way the tourists are easily spotted. At you will get your own local bike, this way you will be treated like a local on the roads.

Tourists on yellow bikes - Bikes Amsterdam

Kids cycling through Amsterdam

The infrastructure for biking is excellent, cycle paths run everywhere and the country is flat. The cycle skill level is extremely high. As soon as children can walk, they will learn how to cycle.

Kids cycling through Amsterdam - Bikes Amsterdam


The Dutch even move their furniture on their bikes

You may see anything transported by bike in the Netherlands: groceries, children, beer, another bike or even furniture in this carrier cycle or in Dutch: ‘bakfiets’.

The Dutch even move their furniture on their bikes - Bikes Amsterdam
















Waternet removing bikes from the canals

Each year thousands of bikes are thrown into the canals. In 2016, 8893 people reported that their bike got stolen, though the real number of stolen bikes is probably much higher as many do not report that their bike got stolen. Each year around 14.000 bikes are fished up from the canals like the picture below.

Waternet removing bikes from the canals in Amsterdam - Bikes Amsterdam

Bikes in front of a coffeeshop

When going to the nearest coffeeshop people walk, or cycle towards it as driving while being stoned is forbidden and not the best idea.

Bikes in front of a coffeeshop - Bikes Amsterdam

Bike hanging on the railing of the canal – not a rare catch

There are so many bikes that it’s hard to find a place to park your bike. Someone might get annoyed by how you parked your bike and then do this to your bike. Fortunately this owner attached his bike to the railing of the bridge.

Bike hanging on the railing of the canal - not a rare catch - Bikes Amsterdam

The Dutch take their bikes everywhere

When going for a boat trip and wanting to move fast later on it’s wise to take your bike. Yes, even on a boat we take our bike.

The Dutch take their bikes everywhere - Bikes Amsterdam

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  1. Judel says:

    Haha, so true! The Dutch really cycle everywhere. Really good for the environment and there are almost no traffic jams in the cities because of it

  2. Alberto says:

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