You know you’re Dutch when

When you recognise yourself in this list, you know you are Dutch

  1. You’re not German
  2. You’re not English
  3. You’re not French
  4. You’re not Spanish
  5. You understand all those languages but nobody understands yours


  1. You do not mind political leaders admitting smoking pot every once in a while


  1. You think the Black servant (Black Piet) with his White master (Sinterklaas) is not racist


  1. You let dogs shit in the middle of the pavement
  2. You laugh when someone steps in dog shit
  3. You complain about stepping in dog shit


  1. You have the right to terrorize tourists on your bicycle
  2. You can always get a job as a circus performer by riding a bicycle while holding an umbrella to keep you, your phone and your groceries dry, while driving your children through busy streets ignoring all traffic signals, expecting everyone to get out of your way and texting your wife you’ll be there in five minutes


  1. You can be gay and nobody cares


  1. You are proud about colonies while ignoring the enslavement of millions


  1. You value sunny days
  2. You always have this friend with a boat


  1. You always have a spare bike when yours breaks down


  1. You pay for what you consumed rather than instead equally split the bill


  1. You paid at least 2000 Euros to get your driving license, while in Belgium it’s (almost) free
  2. You could have bought a car twice as big in Germany for the same price

2 thoughts on “You know you’re Dutch when

  1. Niky says:

    Political leaders should try that in Murika! ‘You do not mind political leaders admitting smoking pot every once in a while’. I’m sure they will have to resign within a few days.

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