How to get a Dutch boyfriend?

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Dutch boyfriend – Experiencing the manners, customs and taste of the Netherlands is best done with locals, the Dutch. The quickest and easiest way to get in touch with a local is to do a tour when having a transit in Amsterdam. When you’re planning on staying a little longer you might want to consider being hosted by a local. When you are really down to get a Dutch boyfriend, come and study at one of the Dutch Universities. Another alternative is good old Tinder. Four ways in getting a Dutch Boyfriend:



3) University exchange program

4) Tinder

So okay, what’s next? What shouldn’t I say?

The Dutch are proud to live in a liberal country. Prostitution, weed, abortion, gay marriage, euthanasia are considered basic ‘rights’.  But, this doesn’t mean the Dutch all (regularly) visit prostitutes or smoke weed every day. Oh, and we are not all gay, why would we legalise abortion then anyway? Bottom line: your first question should not be: ‘How many joints a day do you smoke?’ or ‘How much did you pay for your last visit to a prostitute?’

So what should I say?

You could start off with a discussion by asking: ‘What’s your opinion about abortion or about the Dutch drugs policy?’ This will show you are genuinely interested in Dutch culture.

Another approach is trying to speak Dutch. The Dutch love it when you do. He’ll ask you to pronounce ‘Grachtengordel’, which means Canal belt, and has two fantastic Dutch ‘G’ sounds. You’ll probably be much better at it after a beer.

Another approach is praising the Dutch. Don’t start about the national football/soccer team. Start discussing the Human Development Index, Delta Works or International Criminal Court. Key here is to praise the country.


Go boating on the canals. Seeing the historical city from the water is not only the best way to see the city, but also a good way to get to know if he’s your future husband. Being together on a boat is romantic, but also a good test whether you can stay with him on a small surface.

These were our tips. What are your tips?

This blogpost is written for and edited by Kelsey (USA) & Guido (NL)

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