All windmills in Amsterdam

The Dutch are famous for their windmills

Most of the windmills in Amsterdam are Polder mills and were able to keep the height of the water on level. In the past lots of the country has been laid dry using wind mills. Many of the windmills have been lost throughout the years. But there are still 6 windmills to see!

Windmills Amsterdam

A. Krijtmolen d’Admiraal, trass- and chalkmill (1792, Amsterdam North)

B. The Gooyer, a flour mill, the tallest wooden windmill and octagonal in shape (1814, Amsterdam East)

C. The Riekermolen, a polder windmill (1636, Amsterdam South)

D. The Rembrandt Sloten, a polder windmill (1847, Amsterdam West)

E. The 400 Roe Amsterdam or De Bloem , polder mill (1632, Amsterdam West)

F. The Otter, a saw mill. The only one remaining of the 49 sawmills (1631, Amsterdam West)

Windmill De Gooyer

Windmill De Gooyer

You can see all these windmills in one long day. Taking central station as a starting point the trip is 50 kilometer by bike. This means it will take you around 4 hours of cycling. Including breaks it will take approximately 6 hours.

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