Top 10 Most Local Streets & Squares to go to in Amsterdam

Local Streets Amsterdam

Most tourist can be found on Dam, Rembrandt, Leidse or Museum square. These are beautiful places to visit, but these are not the squares the real Amsterdammers go for a drink or a walk. Here a list where the locals go.

1. Gerard Douplein and Albert Cuyp street – Local Streets Amsterdam

This small and cozy square in Neighbourhood the Pijp is famous for its young urban professional (yup) crowd. When you’re in for craft beers, this is the place to go. You’ll find yups talking about promotions and students about their dissertations. Gerard Douplein is not cheap, with cheaper craft beers starting from around EUR4. Make sure to visit the Albert Cuypmarket before or after your beer or coffee.

2.Van Woustraat – Local Streets Amsterdam

This street on the East side of the Albert Cuyp market has its charm. You will find all kinds of restaurants from Indian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Surinam food to Dutch, Mediterranean and Doner restaurants. In most restaurants the prices are below the Amsterdam average, with great atmospheres. Next to restaurants you will find hairdressers, supermarkets and retail shops here. A true local street.

3. Beukenplein and Oosterpark – Local Streets Amsterdam

This nice square is located in Amsterdam East, right next to the Oosterpark. When it’s raining it’s worth going to nearby bar Bukowski. Beukenplein is in ‘upcoming’ East and one of the most relaxed terrace squares in Amsterdam.

4. Noordermarkt and Westerstraat – Local Streets Amsterdam

The Noordermarkt is next to protestant church ‘Noorderkerk’. This square is in the lively Jordaan district. Markets are held here every Monday morning (in the Westerstraat) with over 150 stands. On the square and in the Westerstraat are many cafes and restaurants. Typical Dutch food specialities are served in a great cozy atmosphere. Certainly worth a visit.

5. Javaplein and Flevopark – Local Streets Amsterdam

This local square is located a bit deeper into Amsterdam East than Beukenplein. On the square you can find a former bathhouse and two monuments. The bathhouse is a relaxed café now, especially nice during summer time. Flevopark is a 15 minute walk from Javaplein which is very local as well.

6. Plein 40-45 – Local Streets Amsterdam

This square is in a newer part of Amsterdam: New-West and famous for its second and third generation Dutch-Moroccans and Turkish crowd. On this square there is a market from Tuesday to Saturday (9-16h) with around 150 stands with various goods. Make sure to visit the liberation clarion on the square.

7. Mercatorplein – Local Streets Amsterdam

This square is in Amsterdam West and has a great history. On both north and south side you will find kind of gates and on the west side you will find a gate going towards the street ‘Jan Evertsenstraat’.

8. Dapperstraat and its Dappermarkt – Local Streets Amsterdam

In this street in Amsterdam East you will find the Dappermarket from Monday to Saturday. The market has 250 stands and is famous for its local crowd. The market offers products from all over the world, yet remained local.

9. Weesperzijde and Amstel River – Local Streets Amsterdam

This street on the East bank of the Amstel River is famous for its 19th century buildings, house boats and great atmosphere. Among locals its also famous for going to Amsterdam East or Amstel Station by bike. It’s one of the busiest cycle streets. Worth visiting are Hesp or Grand Café De Ysbreeker.

10. Buikslotermeerplein – Local Streets Amsterdam

Soon we will be able to reach this destination in Amsterdam North by metro (planned opening 22 July 2018). This square will certainly get a boost from the new metro line. In the meantime it’s worth visiting the market on the East side of the shopping center on the square. The ferry ride to Amsterdam North makes it even more fun and local.

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